Consumer-Directed Services For Adults 

Is a Medicaid-based program that provides personal care attendant (PCA) services to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to live independently. Participants in the CDS program are trained to hire attendants to assist them with tasks of daily living.

Kamken Care provides temporary  care of a dependent elderly, ill, or handicapped person, providing relief for their usual caregivers.  When you need a rest we are there to provide care and comfort .

Kamken Care Services provides a variety of services for Seniors, People with Disabilities and Children.  We are committed to helping people stay comfortable at home so they can stay in their home.

Kamken Care is a recognized leader in senior relocation focusing on the overwhelming and traumatic issues seniors and their families face when moving.

Respite and 24 Hour Live-In Caregiver

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Senior Relocation Service

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Children's Services 

Kamken Care Services will ensure that all:

1. Will be treated with respect and dignity;

2. Have all personal and medical information kept confidential;

3. Have direction over the services provided, to the degree possible, within the care plan authorized;

4. Know Kamken Care Services' grievance procedure and how to make a complaint about the service and cooperation to reach a resolution without fear of retribution;

5. Receive service without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, or national origin; and,

6. Receive a copy of Kamken Care Services' code of ethics under which services are provided.