Kamken Care Services will ensure that all:

1. Be treated with respect and dignity;

2. Have all personal and medical information kept confidential;

3. Have direction over the services provided, to the degree possible, within the care plan authorized;

4. Know Kamken Care Services' grievance procedure and how to make a complaint about the service and cooperation to reach a resolution without fear of retribution;

5. Receive service without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, or national origin; and,

6. Receive a copy of Kamken Care Services' code of ethics under which services are provided.

Consumer-Directed Services

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Senior Relocation Service

Caregivers are able to take a break and allow Kamken Care Services to take care of their loved ones with respite services.   This service relieves caregivers of their caregiving responsibilities for periods spanning from 4 to 24 hours.

Also, experience around-the-clock care with Kamken Care Services’ 24 hour Live-In Caregiver Service.  Have an experienced, trusted personal care attendant take care of you or a loved one around-the-clock. 

Client Rights

This Medicaid approved service allows individuals to direct their own care.  Consumers are able to hire and manage the people who take care of them.  Kamken Care Services serves as a vendor between the consumer and the personal care attendant to monitor administrative needs and to recruit experienced, eligible personal care attendants. Services that constitute consumer-directed services are, but not limited to: 

  • Bowel and bladder elimination;

  • Dressing and undressing;

  • Moving into and out of bed;

  • Assistance with meal preparation and consumption of food;

  • Bathing and grooming;

  • Ambulation and maintenance and use of prostheses;

  • Light housekeeping and other daily living activities.

Adult Services

Don't forget to ask about Veteran benefits for personal care services! Be sure to ask about caregiver support programs as well.

This service is offered to give clients that extra help they need in choosing a new home for their senior years. Kamken Care Services will assist in finding a new home and assist with the sale or transition of the old home.

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Respite and 24 Hour Live-In Caregiver

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