Child Services

Kamken Care Services will ensure that all:

1. Be treated with respect and dignity;

2. Have all personal and medical information kept confidential;

3. Have direction over the services provided, to the degree possible, within the care plan authorized;

4. Know Kamken Care Services' grievance procedure and how to make a complaint about the service and cooperation to reach a resolution without fear of retribution;

5. Receive service without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, or national origin; and,

6. Receive a copy of Kamken Care Services' code of ethics under which services are provided.

To be eligible to receive services, participants must:

· Have Mo HealthNet coverage

· Be under age 21

· Receive a comprehensive assessment of needs

· Have a physician’s order for the services

Some medical conditions that may qualify your child for services include, but are not limited to:

· Poorly controlled seizures

· Organically based feeding problems

· Incontinence of bowel and/or bladder after age 3

· Have significant central nervous system damage affecting motor control, and,

· Assistance with activities of daily living.

These are only a few conditions that qualify for services.  Call today for your child’s assessment.

 “We Provide Quality Care, for a Quality Life”

Parents, call today for help with caring for your child’s special needs.  Both you and your child deserve quality care from experienced caregivers.






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